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The 11-15th Photo Contest in
Asian and the Pacific

Award Winning Photographs

Path Beyond The Street
Year: 1986

Bazar Within The Bazar
Year: 1987

The God Place
Year: 1988

Husband The God
Year: 1989

Journey For Education
Year: 1990

 About us:

Photography as a business does not have a long history in Pokhara. Before 1958 A.D., Ganga Shrestha, a photographer from Tansen made trips to Pokhara to take photos. Old photos taken by him from the period 1933 A.D. to 1958 A.D. can be found at most homes in Pokhara.

It was in the year 1960 A.D. that the Late Khem Narayan Shrestha opened a shop at Tersapatti by the name "Narayan Photographer", thus paving the way for photography business in Pokhara. By the year 1978 A.D., seven more studios opened and by 1983 A.D. five more studios, Photo Zenith being one of them.

"Photo Zenith" was established in 1982 A.D. at "Sangu Mukh Chowk" now known as "Palikhe Chowk" in Pokhara. Before its establishment all photo studios were limited to taking photos for government work or for marriages or special occasions. Photo Zenith changed the way this business was done. It did not limit the scope of business to just government work or occasion. It created awareness that there was unlimited scope in this field. It looked at photography as a form of art and its commercial viability at the same time. It brought about a total change in the way photographers in Pokhara looked at their profession. They realized that the beauty of Pokhara could be sold nationally and internationally through their lens. This brought about a new dimension to their profession and became a motivation for people to choose photography as a career. The introduction of color photos in 1984 A.D., added new dimensions and opportunities for this business and profession.

The forty's (1983-1992) was to be a golden decade for 'Photo Zenith'. Within five to seven years of its establishment, it earned a name for itself nationally and internationally. It was recognized for its artistic and captivating photos. To be recognized and awarded for five years continuously was a great achievement not only for the photographers in Pokhara but for Nepal as a whole.

Photographers in Nepal themselves have rarely organized photo exhibitions. But Photo Zenith has been an exception. It has hosted many solo and group photo exhibitions along the years. Among those are, one exhibited at the time of "Pokhara Fair" 1995 A.D., and next one with banner 'Around Annapurna' during the promotion of Annapurna Region as a tourist destination, which was a solo exhibition.

Photo Zenith has contributed remarkably in the field of Photo Journalism at regional and national levels and continues to do so. It has served photos to different publications at different times. Nepal Government's own daily 'Gorkhapatra', 'Kantipur Daily' published from Kathmandu, 'Janamat Daily' published from Pokhara and 'Parabekchan Weekly'. It is on the journey to photo journalism at present with 'Samadhan Daily' and 'Adarsha Samaj' which are both published from Pokhara. The name of the segment is "Pokhara 30 years ago and now" the photos present snaps of the same spot now and thirty years ago, in contrast. And another segment, 'Bela-Bakhat' in Samadhan daily carries satirical photos depicting the current affairs. Both the segments are widely popular among readers.

Photo Zenith and its role as Television Stringer reporter of Nepal cannot be easily neglected. during the Jana andolan (People's Revolution) 1989 A.D. and days of General Election, after restoration of Democracy, this institution played a major role in photo journalism, being Regional Stringer Reporter in Gandaki Zone for Nepal Television. It was also successful to broadcast 'Around Annapurna' a documentary made by Photo Zenith on Nepal Television the same year. 

Incorporating changes in technology, Photo Zenith has updated itself and moved ahead. Starting with Black and White, successfully serving with color photography from negatives, it has entered the world of digital photography. In digital photography using digital and computer technology, makes photographs not just fascinating and interesting but also has helped add quality. Nowadays due to such development, photography has become very responsible and a sensitive profession. Photo Zenith is always careful, sensitive and creatively dedicated.

Mr. Bishwo Ratna Shakya (Bishwo Shakya) founder of Photo Zenith is an expert and famous photographer of Nepal. His creations are published in Tourism magazines and other related publications of Nepal and also in numerous international publications. Besides photography Bishwo Shakya is a well known satirical writer. He has half a dozen books published in this field and more than a dozen in Buddha's philosophy. Among the artists of Pokhara he is one with a flamboyant personality. In his photographs one can see art as well as satire. It is due to such special characters that Mr. Shakya's work is considered immortal and fascinating by the experts in this field.

It won prizes from 11th to 15th photo contest in Asia and the Pacific (1986-1990) organized by Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO.

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